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We provide solutions to take your business to the next level, we will 10X sales by giving you an exact framework to follow in order to gain more prospects and referral partners.

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Triple Threat Success is 10X Certified.


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With Our Expertise

We offer solutions that will automate your sales, share your uniqueness and expertise, increase your reputation, and make sure you are “following up” better than your competition!


10X’d Group and LeadMachine+Ai Software…A win-win for any business, CLICK to learn more. Evaluating your business model, operations, marketing, and fine tuning strategies for sale, we use 10x principles and help you to stay FOCUSED, ACCOUNTABLE, and most of all Creative when prospecting and most importantly, CLOSING!


Look no further, this online EFFORTLESS content machine will transform your online presence from nonexistent to omnipresent! Our content production team guarantees a dramatic increase in your visibility and authority by producing, editing, and posting epic online content for you. CLICK to learn more now!


Turn Your Business into an automated revenue generating machine. Let us help you “capture”, “nurture” and “close” more customers on autopilot!  We will give you all your tools in one spot, no more messing with several different logins. CLICK to learn more now!

Don’t just take our word. See for yourselves what our customers have to say.


“Hanna at Triple Threat Success is a true professional and always has my marketing campaigns on point with my vision and produced in a timely manner, thank you!”

Angela F.

“Erin and her team are very knowledgeable and customer-service oriented in their expertise. I wouldn’t use anyone else with my social media!”

Marna D.

“TTS … you did it again. Your ability to deliver insightful and targeted marketing graphics for us in a timely fashion was amazing. Your work is spot on. Thank you for helping us deliver our message in a more impactful way.”

Terry A

I Want To Talk To You About Erin… She’s my personal coach and she’s also become a friend. I had an amazing experience with Erin. I was really afraid and shy to do videos because I just was not familiar with that whole world. I didn’t recognize how powerful doing videos would be for my coaching business, but it was. Erin helped me to overcome that fear.”


All I Can Say Is Wow… This Training Platform really helped me to have a successful business right from the start. I didn’t have to go through times of months and months of struggling and trying to find clients and not being able to market and generate business.”

Corey T.

I have been a mortgage originator for 40 years… What Erin helped encouraged me with as I began my weekly coaching sessions, is that we MUST continue to learn and apply new ways of relating to our customers. I would recommend Erin as a business coach to someone just getting started in their career as well as to someone that is seasoned as I am. You will not be disappointed”


Incredible Advice & Inspiring… I’ve had a lot of success because of incredible advice that Erin has given me. if you want someone to mentor you, someone who’s going to push you to the next level, the best person to do that would be Erin.”

Christina G.

Erin recently presented to several of us at a weekly meeting we have… She is very high energy, which is infectious. The topics she focused on were on point and well illustrated. Overall, it was a wonderful presentation that I feel most people would benefit from!! Thanks again, Erin!”

Barbara Buller

Good morning!! Happy dance!! Thanks for making me push myself and go (completely) outside of my comfort zone!!”

Jody A.

I Can’t Believe I Have Been Doing This Business Wrong From The Start… Since I started with you and the Training platform 6 weeks ago, I have done more prospecting then I have in 3 years combined!”

Kim M.

10X Coaching + Ai Driven Software + Massive Attention = Triple Threat Success!!!

We offer exceptional video production services designed to revolutionize your brand’s presence. Specializing in creating captivating content, our team expertly combines storytelling, cutting-edge technology, and creative vision. From pre-production planning to stunning final cuts, we ensure each video uniquely captures your brand’s essence, engaging and inspiring your audience. Our approach isn’t just about making videos; it’s about driving growth and tripling your success. Whether for marketing, storytelling, or brand building, Triple Threat Success is your go-to source for impactful video production that resonates in the heart of Denver and beyond.

Denver Video Production

Triple Threat Success' Denver Video Production.

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