In today’s fast-paced world, the line between success and mediocrity can often be traced back to one’s level of commitment and passion. Grant Cardone’s Be Obsessed or Be Average is not just a book; it’s a manifesto for those who want to achieve extraordinary success. Through this compelling Be Obsessed or Be Average summary, we’ll explore the powerful notion that harnessing one’s obsession is not only normal but essential for an exceptional life.

Cardone, a name synonymous with monumental success in sales training and real estate investment, contends that the average person sells themselves short by settling for average goals. He challenges this mindset by proposing that a passionate obsession means setting sights on big dreams and maintaining an obsession to actualize them.

It’s a playbook for the person who is ready to invest in growth and investment opportunities with the zeal of the England Patriots football team preparing for the Super Bowl – with precision, strategy, and unyielding drive.

The Power of Obsession: Key Takeaways from ‘Be Obsessed or Be Average’

Chapter 1: Obsession Saved My Life – and It Will Save Yours

Key Takeaway: Embracing obsession can be a life-changing, positive force. For Cardone, obsession wasn’t a choice – it was a lifesaver. When we speak of obsession, we often attribute a negative connotation to it, envisioning individuals unable to think or act beyond their fixations. However, in the realm of success and personal development, obsession shifts its guise to become a formidable ally.

It is the relentless drive that wakes you up at dawn with burning ambition. It is the steadfast commitment that keeps your mind churning possibilities long after others have surrendered to sleep. For Grant Cardone, this unwavering focus was the life jacket that rescued him from the riptide of mediocrity and set him adrift towards the shores of success.

By being obsessed, you pave a pathway to success that only you can walk—adorned with the stones of relentless pursuit and bordered by the guardrails of unwavering conviction.

Chapter 2: Obsession Is Your Only Option

Key Takeaway: Success is not an accident. Successful people don’t just stumble upon a million dollars; they aim high, far beyond their comfort zone. The mirage of balance, often preached as the panacea for a well-rounded life, is debunked here as the very anchor that could sink ships striving for the horizon of extraordinary achievement.

Cardone implores us to cast away the safety nets and accept obsession as the vessel to voyage into uncharted waters. This chapter underlines a radical paradigm shift; it paints a world where the equilibrium of work and life is redefined—not through separation but through the integration of passion and profession.

The ‘balanced life’ is mythologized as a lukewarm existence, one that people who embrace their obsessions dare to surpass, for they understand that in the currency of greatness, the average is the coin seldom spent.

Chapter 3: What To Be Obsessed With

Key Takeaway: Identifying purpose in personal interests and professional goals is crucial. This chapter imparts a compass to those sailing the sea of obsession, ensuring they navigate towards worthy pursuits. It’s not the tempest of fleeting desires but the gale of purpose-driven goals that should fill the sails of your endeavors.

The text underlines the significance of aligning your intrinsic values with the beacon of your obsession—whether that’s powering through every sales call with the intensity of a seasoned speaker or fueling every charitable endeavor with the passion of a dedicated philanthropist.

The message is clear: Let your obsessions be the craftsmen of your destiny, sculpting out of the raw marble of potential a masterpiece defined by success and significance.

Chapter 4: Feed the Beast

Key Takeaway: Nourish your obsessions. This section champions the notion of feeding your inner beast—the repository of your most profound aspirations and insatiable appetites for achievement. The beast within is not a creature to be tamed but a force to be channeled, its vigor directed towards the attainment of your goals.

Cardone uses metaphors like the mesmerizing magic of the first Harry Potter book to symbolize the power of storytelling in fueling our passions. By feeding this beast a steady diet of positive action, continuous learning, and relentless dedication, we prepare ourselves for the marathons of our missions.

This beast thrives not on complacency but on the constant pursuit of excellence, urging you to pen your own success story with the ink of tenacity and the quill of ambition.

Chapter 5: Starve the Doubt

Key Takeaway: Negative obsessions – doubts and fears – can derail you. Starving them means to deny these negativities the sustenance of your focus and energy. Cardone suggests embracing a mindset akin to a sculptor who chisels away at the marble of uncertainty to reveal the statue of confidence within.

This chapter acts as a manual for mental fortitude, equipping readers with the tools to cut off the oxygen to the fire of doubt. By doing so, you illuminate the path ahead with the light of clarity and conviction, moving forward unimpeded by the shadows of hesitation.

Starving doubt does not mean its absence, but rather the mastery over its influence—turning the tables so that what once was a roadblock now becomes a stepping stone towards the realization of your ambitions.

Chapter 6: Dominate To Win

Key Takeaway: Merely participating isn’t enough. To achieve success, you must dominate your field, be it in sales calls or on the football field. This narrative propels the idea that success is a conquest, and the arena is wherever your passions lie. It’s not sufficient to dip your toes in the water; Cardone urges you to plunge into the depths, to be the shark amongst the fishes.

The message is potent and clear: In the economy of success, there are no prizes for participation—only for domination. The chapter is a clarion call to those content with mere participation, pushing them to escalate their game to the pinnacle of their potential.

Be the big fish in any pond you swim in—this isn’t about overpowering others, but about maximizing your own capacity to its utmost limits.

Chapter 7: Stay Dangerous

Key Takeaway: Comfort is the enemy of achievement. Staying dangerous means constantly seeking expansion opportunities and never resting on your laurels. Here, ‘dangerous’ is redefined—not as a perilous threat but as a dynamic state of constant growth and improvement.

It is a challenge to the status quo, a battle cry for those who refuse to stagnate. Cardone challenges the reader to live on the edge of their capabilities, to flirt with the boundaries of their potential, and push them ever outward.

Staying dangerous is about fostering a sense of unease with the present, a restlessness that spurs innovation and growth. It’s about being the disruptor of your own life, preventing complacency by pursuing the next summit of achievement.

Chapter 8: Obsessed with Sales

Key Takeaway: Sales is the lifeblood of success. As a sales trainer, Cardone emphasizes that becoming obsessed with sales means not just hitting targets but shattering them. He reiterates that sales are not just a transaction but the transference of enthusiasm from one person to another.

An obsession with sales is portrayed as the bedrock upon which empires of success are built, underscoring the necessity to not just understand your product but to believe in it vehemently. To be obsessed with sales is to be obsessed with the value you bring to every interaction, the solutions you offer, and the relationships you forge.

This isn’t merely about numbers but about the fundamental belief that what you’re selling can profoundly impact lives.

Chapter 9: Overpromise, Overdeliver

Key Takeaway: Making giant claims forces you to stretch and deliver on them. This obsession with fulfilling promises not only secures customers but also pushes your own limits. Cardone dismantles the adage ‘underpromise and overdeliver,’ positing that to truly stretch one’s capabilities, one must dare to promise the stars.

By setting the bar higher, you not only compel yourself to reach new heights but also create a reputation as someone who does not shy away from big challenges. This chapter is an invitation to the bold gamble of commitment, encouraging readers to embrace the discipline and dedication required to not just meet but exceed the lofty expectations they’ve set.

Chapter 10: Build an Obsessed Team

Key Takeaway: The success of your own team relies on their obsession too. An obsessed team is a driving force that can turn visions into reality. Here, Cardone speaks to leaders and visionaries, illuminating the power of a united team driven by a shared obsession.

Such a team becomes more than just a group of individuals; they become a collective force of nature, capable of moving the needle in substantial ways. The idea is to forge a team where each member’s obsession feeds into a larger, communal goal, leading to a synergy that can overcome even the most formidable of challenges.

Chapter 11: Be a Control Freak

Key Takeaway: Control freaks get a bad rap, but in reality, they are the ones who care the most. Cardone reframes the concept of a control freak, suggesting that such individuals have an unmatched dedication to outcomes. This chapter delves into the power of meticulous attention to detail and the importance of being deeply involved in all aspects of your projects.

It’s about owning your work, your environment, and taking responsibility for every outcome. Such intensity of care ensures that nothing is left to chance. To Cardone, being a control freak means you are thoroughly invested in the success of your endeavors, and it is this level of care that can distinguish the good from the great.

Chapter 12: Obsessed with Persistence

Key Takeaway: True obsession doesn’t recognize failure. It sees each setback as a temporary detour on the road to success. This is a manifesto for resilience, a testament to the power of dogged perseverance. Cardone speaks to the heart of the fighter, the relentless pursuer who views obstacles as mere stepping stones.

In this chapter, the reader is encouraged to develop an obsession with persistence, a relentless drive that doesn’t wane in the face of failure. This kind of obsession becomes a force multiplier, turning every ‘no’ into just another reason to say ‘yes’ to pushing forward.

Chapter 13: Obsession Forever

Key Takeaway: The journey of obsession is not short-term. It is a lifelong commitment to pursuing your grand purpose and living a limitless future. Cardone caps off the book with a vision of obsession as a lifelong companion, not just a momentary spark.

This chapter is a rallying cry for sustained ambition, for an enduring passion that outlives fleeting successes. It is an ode to the eternal flame of desire that burns within the obsessed, fueling a never-ending quest for personal and professional excellence.

The message is clear: let your obsession be the compass that guides you through every stage of your life, ensuring that your journey is always moving toward greatness.


By examining these chapters, we see that for Cardone, being obsessed is the only way to live a balanced life – one that integrates achieving one’s professional goals with combining family time and giving back through charitable organizations.

His writing suggests that to maintain obsession, one must become a public speaker for their own brand, much like how the greatest salesman would promote a product. Free publicity, aiming for the next president, or the same amount of dedication as the CEO of great organizations – it’s all about the drive for grand success. Let’s delve deeper into the book’s principles and see how they can transform our pursuit of success.

A chalk drawing of a stick figure climbing a stair to achieve success.

Cultivating Your Inner Drive: Embracing Obsession for a Limitless Future

Cardone’s mantra, “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” is a clarion call to reject mediocrity and embrace the power of obsession. To cultivate a passionate obsession means to recognize that you are the public speaker for your life’s mission, advocating for your goals with the same fervor as a political candidate on the campaign trail.

Embracing Fear as a Driving Force

Fear often paralyzes the average person, but for the obsessed, it is a driving force. Love fear, let it fuel you. Imagine it as the anticipation a player feels before a big game or the nerves a public speaker experiences before stepping onto the stage. The energy that comes from this fear, if harnessed, can propel you forward, keeping your obsessions fresh and your momentum constant.

Expansion Opportunities: Always Aim High

Cardone emphasizes that one should always look for expansion opportunities. The comfort zone is a space where the average person resides, but for those obsessed with success, comfort is the equivalent of stagnation. Aiming high, like aiming for a million dollars, sets a bar that keeps you striving for more, always looking for the next mountain to climb.

Maintaining Obsession: A Daily Practice

To maintain obsession and stay obsessed, make it a daily practice to identify purpose in your actions and keep your obsessions in good health. This includes making time for family and personal interests, ensuring that your pursuit of success is not at the expense of your well-being or relationships. For Cardone, a balanced life does not mean compromising on your dreams; it means integrating your dreams into every aspect of your life.

The Obsessed: Building a Life of Extraordinary Achievement

Creating Free Time by Stopping the Saving Mentality

Grant Cardone urges us to stop saving – not just money, but also our energy and dreams for ‘someday.’ By adopting an obsessed mindset, you treat time as a resource to be invested rather than saved. This means dedicating free time to hone your skills, brainstorm growth and investment opportunities, and network with other ambitious individuals.

Public Appearances and Personal Branding

In a world where attention is currency, Cardone understands the value of public appearances and free publicity. By positioning yourself as an authority in your field through strategic public appearances and media engagements, you not only gain visibility but also establish trust and authority. This is what it means to be obsessed with success – to seize every opportunity to put yourself and your message out there.

Short-Term Contracts and Long-Term Success

Short-term contracts may pay the bills, but it’s the long-term vision that builds empires. Cardone’s message here is about playing the long game, being the great salesman who not only closes the deal but builds relationships that last. It’s about thinking beyond the immediate and planning for success that lasts for future generations.

A word handwritten using chalk saying "SUCCESS, go get it".

In “Be Obsessed or Be Average,” Grant Cardone doesn’t just offer a mantra; he delivers a blueprint for a life of extraordinary achievement. His insights are a clarion call to shed mediocrity and embrace the power of obsessive focus. By learning to feed the right obsessions, starve the destructive ones, and harness the raw energy of an unwavering passion, individuals can chart a course toward an exceptional life.

Cardone’s message is unequivocal: average is the baseline of the uninspired, but obsession is the hallmark of the truly great. Whether it’s transforming personal interests into career-defining pursuits, leading a team to victory, or simply striving for personal betterment, the principles laid out in this book are not just about success—they are about legacy, about making a mark that resonates through future generations.

For anyone standing at the crossroads of decision, let Cardone’s fervent words be the wind at your back, driving you towards the endless horizon of your greatest potential.