Imagine transforming your sales game and achieving extraordinary success, not just in business but also in life. Sounds exciting, right? That’s what Grant Cardone’s wisdom can do for you! As a seasoned sales expert, Cardone’s strategies, laid out in his bestselling book ‘Sell or Be Sold’, are designed to drive your sales success. Ready to embark on this thrilling journey? Let’s dive into some “sell or be sold quotes” that can inspire and motivate you!

Grant Cardone’s Wisdom: Sell or Be Sold

Sales is a broad concept that extends beyond just a product, service, or a company’s financial growth. It’s about people, connections, trust, and, most importantly, belief in oneself and what one is selling. This is the essence of Grant Cardone’s wisdom, encapsulated in his book ‘Sell or Be Sold’. So, who is Grant Cardone? He is a sales expert, a seasoned vet with over 25 years of experience in the field, and the author of ‘Sell or Be Sold’. His sales philosophy is not just about business success; it’s about personal and professional achievement too. As a sales expert, Grant Cardone has made a significant impact on the industry and continues to inspire others with his teachings.

‘Sell or Be Sold’ encapsulates a simple yet profound idea: mastering the principles of selling is key to success in any undertaking. It provides insights into the perfect sales process, emphasizing the importance of:

  • Developing a strong belief in oneself and the product or service being sold
  • Building rapport
  • Creating a compelling sales pitch
  • Overcoming objections

This is the perfect guide to up your sales game, shorten sales cycles, and increase your sales even in a bad economy.

Establishing Trust with Buyers

Any successful sales process is firmly rooted in trust. Without trust, it becomes much more challenging to build rapport, identify needs, create urgency, and close the sale, especially in a bad economy. But how can you build trust with buyers? It starts with taking full responsibility for your buyer’s trust. Here are some strategies to build trust with buyers:

  • Ensure your promises are in writing
  • Make service a priority over selling
  • Give them undivided attention combined with persistence
  • Start with the assumption that the customer distrusts you, so you actively work on building trust.

Grant Cardone has successfully built trust by:

  • consistently taking full responsibility for earning the buyer’s trust
  • prioritizing transparency through written agreements
  • utilizing testimonials and customer reviews
  • showcasing his expertise
  • forming strong rapport with potential buyers

Trust is often the make or break point in the sales process, and establishing trust is a crucial step in the perfect sales process.

Overcoming Call Reluctance

If you’ve ever hesitated as a salesperson before making a call or approaching a potential client, you’ve encountered call reluctance. It can have a highly negative impact on sales performance, potentially leading to diminished sales and adverse effects on all aspects of sales activities, including sales cycles. But here’s the good news – you’re not alone in this, and there are effective strategies to overcome this challenge.

Grant Cardone’s book, ‘Sell or Be Sold’, provides valuable insights on managing rejection, dealing with negative scenarios, and maintaining a positive outlook, all essential in overcoming call reluctance. You can conquer call reluctance by:

  • Powering up your confidence with a strong physical posture
  • Using a script to tackle social anxiety
  • Remembering that ‘speed is power’
  • Integrating positive affirmations
  • Using curiosity to push past uncertainty

These success essentials can help you excel in both sales and life.

Staying Positive Despite Rejection

Isn’t rejection an inevitable part of sales? But how you handle it can make all the difference. Grant Cardone’s advice empowers salespeople to approach rejection with rationality, understanding, and a long-term perspective. By keeping their pipeline full and viewing rejection as a counterproposal, salespeople can turn setbacks into opportunities and persist toward their goals. This approach contributes to the growth of entire economies.

Maintaining a positive attitude is crucial for sales success because it helps sellers gain more attention, win over prospects, and ensure they approach every interaction with the right attitude. The positivity contributes to creating a good impression and accelerates the sales processes, enabling salespeople to successfully sell their products or services. Grant Cardone advises salespeople to dive deep into the reasons for rejection, keep a steady stream of potential clients, and stay focused on long-term objectives. By following this approach, you can bounce back from setbacks and turn them into valuable learning experiences.

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Turning Quotes into Action

One of the most inspiring aspects of Grant Cardone’s wisdom lies in his quotes. These expertly crafted pearls of wisdom hold the power to spark action and catapult sales to unprecedented heights.

By setting ambitious sales goals, boosting sales activities, having unwavering belief in your product, persisting through challenges, constantly improving your sales skills, and embracing feedback for growth, you can elevate your sales techniques.

Mastering the Art of Selling

Mastering the art of selling is the ultimate empowerment in the world of sales. And who better to guide us than Grant Cardone, who has outlined key principles for mastering the art of selling in his book ‘Sell or Be Sold’. These principles include:

  • Embracing a positive attitude
  • Continuous learning
  • Persistence
  • Focusing on the customer
  • Taking massive action

But how does Cardone master the sales process? He follows a structured approach that includes:

  1. Greeting the customer
  2. Determining wants and needs
  3. Selecting the product
  4. Making a proposal
  5. Closing the sale.

To close a sale effectively, Cardone emphasizes the following strategies:

  • Recognize the crucial role of closing in earning your well-deserved commission
  • Confidently present your value proposition instead of being swayed by customer objections
  • Effectively communicate the time-sensitive nature of the offer to drive decisive action
  • Employ proven methods such as remaining seated, presenting the proposal in writing, clear communication, and maintaining strong eye contact to significantly boost your closing success.

Boosting Your Social Media Presence

In the digital age of today, a robust social media presence is not just an option, but a necessity. Social media plays a vital role in Grant Cardone’s ‘Sell or Be Sold’ philosophy. It provides a crucial platform for salespeople to:

  • Connect with potential customers
  • Prospect
  • Create a known presence
  • Foster the establishment of customer relationships.

Cardone suggests the following strategies to boost your social media presence:

  • Deliver engaging content
  • Know your audience
  • Create compelling titles
  • Embrace live streaming

He has successfully leveraged these strategies on platforms like TikTok, building a remarkable social media following of over 15 million.

To take your social media engagement to the next level, here are some strategies to consider:

  1. Commit to dominating every social media platform.
  2. Set ambitious follower goals.
  3. Promote your products and brand.
  4. Maintain a consistent stream of content.
  5. Actively engage with your audience by responding to comments and messages.

By implementing these strategies, you can increase your social media engagement and grow your online presence.

Developing a People Business Mindset

A people business mindset is all about:

  • Valuing relationships in business
  • Prioritizing connections
  • Delivering exceptional customer service
  • Mastering the art of effective communication to achieve remarkable success

This mindset turbocharges the selling process by putting the customer first. It’s all about being proactive, creating product awareness, and ensuring a seamless buying experience through top-notch communication skills.

Grant Cardone provides examples such as the notion that creating wealth is about attitude and emulating successful people in his book ‘The 10X Rule’. His robust network also exemplifies his successful application of a people business mindset.

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Lessons from Grant Cardone’s Sales Strategies

Cardone’s fundamental sales strategies are all about:

  • Embracing a positive attitude
  • Taking action
  • Ensuring frequent engagement with prospects to achieve greatness
  • Being creative in approaches
  • Having a clear purpose
  • Leaving messages to maintain communication

These strategies have empowered the seasoned sales vet to overcome obstacles, capitalize on important connections, and adjust to market shifts to achieve superior sales results.

The Price Myth

‘The Price Myth’ is one of the most common misconceptions in the sales world. This myth emphasizes that price is the main concern for buyers. However, according to Cardone, most sales are lost due to unspoken objections and lack of confidence or trust in the product or service being offered. He argues that the real issue for buyers is love and confidence in the value they will receive from the purchase.

So, how can we overcome pricing challenges? Cardone’s strategies include:

  • Focusing on the value proposition
  • Exuding confidence in your pricing
  • Presenting a compelling written proposal
  • Showcasing the return on investment
  • Providing exceptional customer service to prospects
  • Maintaining transparency in pricing without resorting to price cuts to appear more competitive.

Handling Rejection

In the sales world, managing rejection is a critical skill. Cardone’s advice helps salespeople approach rejection with rationality, understanding, and a long-term perspective. By keeping their pipeline full and viewing rejection as a counterproposal, salespeople can turn setbacks into opportunities and persist toward their goals.

Rejection is just a normal part of the sales process and not something to be discouraged by. It’s crucial for salespeople to recognize that rejection is a universal experience and not a reflection of their abilities. Cardone’s strategies include the following:

  • proactive
  • persistent
  • creative
  • goal-oriented
  • adept at selectively asking questions and listening
  • confident
  • not afraid to ask for the order

Taking Massive Action

Cardone’s sales strategies heavily rely on taking massive action. It involves being proactive and relentless in pursuing extraordinary results. It means consistently pushing yourself to go above and beyond, surpassing conventional expectations. The ‘10X Rule’ complements this by encouraging individuals to set exceptionally high goals and take actions that are ten times greater than what’s typically considered necessary.

To reach new heights of success in sales, you need to:

  • Establish lofty sales targets
  • Compile extensive action item lists
  • Broaden your sales vision
  • Drive efforts to an intensity that far exceeds assumed requirements to hit the initial objectives

These amplified actions are fundamental to reaching new heights of success in sales and establishing a new business.

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Top 20 Sell or Be Sold Quotes

A quote can be likened to a compressed wisdom nugget, brimming with insights and lessons. Cardone’s quotes in ‘Sell or Be Sold’ are invaluable as they offer profound insights and lessons on sales and persuasion. They underscore the significance of treating buyers with value, the power of belief in selling, and the impact of selling skills on success in life and business.

“Success in sales requires persistent, consistent, and disciplined activity.”

This quote emphasizes the need for a steady, disciplined approach in sales, underlining that success comes from ongoing, focused effort.

“Don’t wait until conditions are perfect to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect.”

It suggests that starting is the most crucial step and perfect conditions often arise from taking action, not waiting for them.

“There is no such thing as failure, only quitting.”

This quote redefines failure, highlighting that giving up is the only true failure, not the setbacks experienced along the way.

“Opportunities are everywhere if you’re open.”

It encourages openness to new possibilities, suggesting that opportunities abound when one is receptive to them.

“You can’t shrink to greatness.”

It implies that greatness requires bold actions and thinking big, rather than playing it safe or small.

“Quit aiming for the bare minimum. Aim for greatness.”

This quote motivates to set higher goals than just the minimum, encouraging striving for exceptional achievements.

“Don’t let success go to your head; don’t let failure go to your heart.”

It advises maintaining humility in success and resilience in failure, balancing emotions in both scenarios.

“People will pay more to avoid pain than to gain pleasure.”

This quote highlights a key aspect of human behavior, where avoiding discomfort is often a stronger motivator than seeking pleasure.

“Excuses are the nails that build the house of failure.”

It suggests that excuses solidify failure, emphasizing the importance of accountability and action over justification.

“You are the CEO of your own life.”

This empowers individual responsibility and control, comparing managing one’s life to running a company.

“If you’re not selling, you’re being sold.”

This quote implies that in life and business, you are either influencing others or being influenced.

“Success is not something you pursue; it’s something you become.”

It suggests that success is an identity to embody, not just a goal to chase.

“The true currency of any business is not money but trust.”

This emphasizes that trust is more valuable than money in any business relationship.

“People don’t like to be sold, but they love to buy.”

It highlights the psychology behind purchasing; people prefer buying on their own terms.

“Great salespeople are born with an ability to develop trust quickly.”

This quote signifies that a key skill of successful salespeople is building trust rapidly.

“The sale is made emotionally and just justified intellectually.”

It means that emotions drive sales, which are later rationalized by logic.

“Every objection is an opportunity to educate.”

This quote sees customer objections as chances to provide more information and persuade.

“You can have everything you want in life if you just help enough other people get what they want.”

It suggests that helping others achieve their goals can lead to personal success.

“Selling is a transfer of emotion.”

This indicates that successful selling involves passing your enthusiasm and belief to the buyer.

“People buy you before they buy your product or service.”

It underscores the importance of personal connection in sales, preceding the actual product or service.

These quotes serve as powerful motivational reminders and provide practical advice for individuals seeking to enhance their sales abilities, often shared by a sales trainer through written and visual information.

The Biggest Sale: Your Own Life

According to Cardone’s philosophy, selling your own life is the most crucial sale you’ll ever make. To ‘sell’ our own lives, Cardone suggests:

  • Treating ourselves as valuable assets
  • Constantly striving for personal growth and improvement
  • Setting clear goals
  • Investing in ourselves
  • Continuously learning and developing new skills.

You can apply Cardone’s ‘sell or be sold’ mentality to your personal life by seeing every interaction as an opportunity to persuade, negotiate, and gain agreement. This mindset is essential for improving communication skills, influencing others, and achieving your goals in personal relationships and beyond. By applying sales strategies to your life, you can ensure you are prepared and knowledgeable, conduct thorough research, and keep up-to-date on relevant industry trends, just like Cardone champions.

Overcoming the Hard Sell

It’s essential to conquer a hard sell in sales. Cardone offers powerful strategies and techniques to conquer these challenges effectively by fostering trust, handling objections, and highlighting product value. Cardone urges you to be proactive, persistent, creative, goal-oriented, adept at selectively asking questions and listening, confident, and not afraid to ask for the order as potent strategies for conquering difficult sales.

To master the art of handling objections, here are some strategies to follow:

  • Never give objections too much power
  • Avoid interrupting the buyer
  • Don’t take objections personally
  • Tackle them one at a time
  • Commit to mastering them
  • Start with prospecting and rapport
  • Remain positive
  • Acknowledge but disregard objections
  • Anticipate them
  • Always agree first
  • Treat objections as complaints unless validated

These strategies can supercharge your daily sales activities.

Thriving in a Challenging Economy

For any salesperson, the ability to thrive in a challenging economy is crucial. Cardone’s strategies include:

  • Operating with 10X levels of action and outworking everyone else
  • Increasing targets during contraction
  • Being prepared for a recession and taking advantage of opportunities that arise

To keep your sales strong during tough times, increase your marketing and advertising spend, focus on recruiting great team members, closely manage finances with a solid plan, prioritize sales efforts, invest in marketing for visibility, build a strong company culture, and don’t hesitate to spend for opportunities. Cardone’s inspiring quotes include: “Your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself.” “Success is your duty, obligation, and responsibility.” “Never lower your target; increase your actions.” “Most opportunities are disguised as problems.” “Just because most don’t make it, doesn’t mean you can’t.” “Do not view success as an option. Make it a necessity.”.


Embarking on Grant Cardone’s insightful journey, we’ve delved into key sales principles: establishing trust with buyers, overcoming call reluctance, and remaining positive despite rejection. We’ve explored turning motivational quotes into actionable strategies, mastering the art of selling, enhancing social media engagement, and adopting a people-focused business approach. These insights empower us to tackle sales challenges, take decisive actions, and thrive in tough economic times. For further business coaching services, such as business growth coaching, consider reaching out to Triple Threat Success for personalized guidance and support in elevating your sales skills to new levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quote from sell or be sold?

Understand your customer’s needs first and foremost; “Sell the problem, not just the solution” is the advice from Sell Or Be Sold. Make sure to thoroughly address their issues before proposing solutions.

What is Grant Cardone’s summary of sell or be sold?

Grant Cardone highlights the significance of boldness and grasping customer value for sales success. He argues that understanding buyer motivation, not just price, unlocks profitable opportunities. It’s more than product selling; it’s about a mindset of determination and adaptability to customer needs. For an in-depth summary of Cardone’s methods, visit our blog Sell or Be Sold Summary for comprehensive insights into his effective sales strategies.

What is a quote about selling things?

“Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman — not the attitude of the prospect.” – William Clement Stone. A great reminder to stay positive and genuine while selling; be enthusiastic and expect good things to happen. Put in the work and have faith that the deal will come through.

How many pages are in Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone?

With 260 pages, Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone is a great read to help you sharpen your business and sales skills!

What are the key principles of Grant Cardone’s wisdom in ‘Sell or Be Sold’?

Grant Cardone’s wisdom in ‘Sell or Be Sold’ emphasizes believing in yourself and what you’re selling, establishing strong connections, crafting persuasive presentations, and responding to objections. All these principles are key to achieving success.